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Note from ClueLass
This section (and only this section) is a joint production of Kate Derie and Dave Robeson. Questions concerning content of the forthcoming books list should be directed to Dave. Questions and comments concerning technical details, or the content of any other sections of the ClueLass HomePage, should be directed to Kate.

Notes from Dave
This is a list of mystery fiction (and, very occasionally, nonfiction) expected to be published in the United States. It is by no means complete, and additions or corrections are welcomed at

The list is compiled from a variety of sources: Publishers Weekly (both ads and reviews), publishers' newsletters and catalogs, mail I've received from authors, things authors have said in interviews and online, and of course rumors and hearsay. Therefore, some of it may turn out to be inaccurate. The closest months will likely have the most accurate information; the later stuff is more subject to change.

I'm pretty much only including hardcovers and paperback originals; the list is long enough without paperback reprints, too. But I will make exceptions; if you are an author who wants his or her paperback reprint to appear on the list, e-mail me at with the pertinent info. Also, I will include the occasional reprint that I feel is worth noting; chalk it up to listkeeper's license. If you write or publish paperback originals, let me know about them; they're the hardest items to find information on, as they are infrequently advertised or reviewed.

The list is broken down by month. Within each month, the books are sorted alphabetically by author. The format is:

Author - Title price publisher (series, if known)

If I don't know the price, it will say h/c (hardcover), p/b (paperback), or tpb (trade paperback). If I am unsure of the publisher or whether it's hardcover or paperback, it will say ? in those spaces. If I know the book is first in a proposed series, it will say "1st -" before the series name.

Bold face indicates a change from the previous month's list. This change can range from a title new to the list, or a title moved from a different month, to something as small as a price change.

The notation (r) after a listing indicates that it is a reprint. Unless I'm wrong. Absence of an (r) is not to be construed as absolute proof that the listing is not a reprint. Void where prohibited.

New: Likewise, an (e) after a listing indicates that it is an e-book (and, to my knowledge, *only* an e-book).

Every now and then, there'll be a date at the end of a listing. That's the on-sale date. Sometimes a store will sell something before this, sometimes they won't have it on that date. But when there's a date there it is, to the best of my knowledge, the date the publisher intends for the book to go on sale.

This list is copyright 2004 David Robeson. Commercial use of this list is forbidden without my express written permission. (Contrary to the way that sounds, I'm actually a pretty nice guy. When in doubt, e-mail me.)

A final note: For those shy authors who don't want to engage in BSP -- and surely there must be at least one out there :-) -- feel free to e-mail me at and I'll provide the BT-PP (Blatant Third-Party Promotion), via this list. (Old hands at BSP are also free to contact me with info for the list...) It may not help sales any, but how could it hurt?

Dave Robeson




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